Yooldo Standup Checkin event

An event featuring Yooldo, Linea, and Face Wallet!Participate effortlessly in three quests with just one click for Yooldo standup checks and earn LXP for Linea Park events, $YOOL tokens for Yooldo, and MILE for Face Wallet.

Make a Transaction to proceed to Quests

Reward 1.

Yooldo - $YOOL


Reward 2.

Linea - LXP


Reward 3.

Facewallet - $MILE


Take part in Yooldo Standup!

1 Transaction 3 Rewards Event

  • You can participate in 3 Quests by making one transaction
  • Click the button to learn more about each quest event
  • If you use a chain other than Linea or a wallet other than Facewallet, you will only be able to participate in the main Yooldo Standup event
  • Abusing of the system may lead to restrictions
  • wYDST is a Bridged BRC-20 token using the Yooldo bridge.
  • The more wYDST you get, the more YOOL tokens you can have.

Checked Stamp Table

Example 1. - If you participate in Daily Stand Up with a Facewallet that has completed POH, you can receive 1 Transaction and 3 rewards.

Example 2. - If you participate in Daily Stand Up with a wallet such as Metamask that has completed POH, you will not be able to participate in the Facewallet event and will only receive $YOOL and LXP. In this case, participate in the Daily Stand Up one more time with Facewallet.

Check-in everyday!

You can participate once a day based on UTC 00:00. If you meet the conditions as listed above, you can receive a check sticker once a day.

You will receive 1 check-in reward token ($wYDST) once a day. Check-in 4 times to receive an additional of 4 reward tokens, as well as consecutive check-ins for additional 10, 20 and 30 reward tokens!

The more you check-in, the more $YOOL tokens you will get!

Even if you Check-in just once, the Linea Park event will be completed.


Mint Yooldo x Linea :
Park Voucher for upcoming $YOOL