Weekly Reward Campaign

Random Pirate Defense

Random Pirate Defense


RPD is a random tower defense mobile game developed by Yooldo. The game is only available for Android, but we have prepared a special event for non-Android owners as well.

  • Click the button above to play the game!
  • Only available on Android

Campaign Summary

🕹ī¸ Infinite challenge
Join the challenge!
🏆 Reach the Top
Ranked based on your play score
💰 Get Rewarded!
Receive airdrop $YOOL Tokens

RPD Infinite Challenge


Select the stage to
Start the game


* You must clear one of the stages 1, 2 or 3 to play the Infinite Challenge.


After clearing the
stage, click the
Infinite Challenge button


Defeat endless monster raids!

RPD Player Weekly Ranking


You can check your
Rank here, which are
updated every week


* Weekly Ranking resets every Monday at 00:01 UTC.

Check your Wallet Address


Please submit your
erc20 wallet address
(no ENS)


* Enter your wallet address connected to Yooldo

  • (In-game currency) will be sent out according to Weekly Rankings.
  • After the event ends, YOOL tokens will be airdropped depending on the in-game currency you have in your inventory.
  • If you delete your RPD game account, the rewards you have received may be lost.

Download RPD, and Participate in Rank Event!

  • Click the button above to play the game!
  • Only available on Android

RPD weekly bypass event


RPD currently only supports Android. However, there are future plans for other OS support, but this time, in order for non-Android users to participate, emulators are needed. We have also prepared additional events for non-Android users.

You can participate in future $YOOL token airdrops by making a participation transaction.

    * Each week will start on Monday at 00:00 UTC

    * You can participate in the event only once a week